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  1. serena08 Senior Member

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    Hola todos,

    I often have trouble translating "getting" into Spanish, as it can be translated in so many different ways.

    To say something "is getting ridiculous," or "it's getting ridiculous," is it:

    se está poniendo / haciendo / volviendo ridículo

    Or, none of the above or something else?

    Example context: I love dogs, but there are 10 of them now and it's getting a little ridiculous.

    Muchas gracias.
  2. HiramsThoughts

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    In this case "poniendo" and "volviendo" are both correct, but I would go for the latter.
  3. serena08 Senior Member

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    Thanks! Is there a difference in meaning between them (poniendo, haciendo, and volviendo) or do they just work better with different words/phrases?

    For example, if I say, "se está poniendo ridículo" or "se está volviendo ridículo" do they mean something slightly different, or does one just sound better?

    Thank you!
  4. Julvenzor

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    Se está poniendo/volviendo ridículo tiene un significado parecido a "to became" en ese contexto (sobre todo con "volver") si nos referimos a una cosa.
    "Se está poniendo en ridículo" y "está haciendo el ridículo" significa "(S)he is making a fool"

    Un saludo.
  5. loudspeaker Senior Member

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    De acuerdo. Tan sólo un pequeño detalle:

    Ella está haciendo el ridículo.
    She's making a fool of herself
  6. blasita

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    Yes, I agree: se está poniendo/volviendo ridículo are both correct. I know it captures the meaning well, but it would not sound too natural to me in this case. If we need to use the adjective ridículo, I'd rather say, for example, ya va resultando/va siendo ridículo.

  7. Julvenzor

    Julvenzor Senior Member

    Español propio (Andalucía, España)

    Sí, es importante tenerlo en cuenta. Gracias.

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