Getting weird on someone

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Portuguese - Brazil
What does "to get weird on someone" mean?

In the movie American Sniper, the character Marc Lee asks "What is this bible? Don't tell me you got a god" and Chris Kyle answers "'Course I've got a god, are you getting weird on me?"

I searched for "getting weird on me" on Google and found several occurrences, but couldn't figure what does it mean.

Thank you.
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    British English
    I don't recognize it as a set phrase, but I imagine the writer meant something like "Are you crazy?"


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    English - UK
    I've often heard 'on me' used in this way. Now that I think about it, perhaps it is more AmE than BrE, but I've heard it in films etc. It doesn't mean literally 'on me', more like the thing affects / will affect the speaker in some way I suppose.

    Compare with a phrase you may be more familiar with, since it's a bit of a Hollywood cliché:

    "Don't you die on me" - (Just 'don't die', not 'don't die literally on top of me')
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