gibime geliyor

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    I know that this is supposed to mean 'it seems to me' but what does the -ME suffix mean here? Is it a gerund?
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    I guess it's one of those one has to accept as a whole. Never heard nor had the need to search for a grammatical answer of such.
    -ME is not a gerund, I can see that. It is the "to me" part of the sentence. for 'to us' par example it'd be -MİZE, for 'to him/her' -SİNE, etc.
    You know the correct meaning already by the way.
  3. "Gibi gelmek" (even when "gibi" is dropped and only "gelmek is used to express the same meaning) takes the dative case. For instance "bana öyle gibi geliyor" (it seems so to me), "sana öyle mi geldi?" (did it seem like that to you?).

    In "gibime geliyor" the person is omitted, therefore "gibi" has to take the dative case, the case that identifies direction (towards). In this example it is "to me."
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    "Gıbı" is not a noun, and as such, shouldn't take such suffixes. We all are guilty of using similar phrases in common speech, though. Much like saying "going real fast" in English. "Real" is not an adverb per se, but that didn't stop its very, very common use in place of "really".

    Expect to witness colloquialisms such as "gibime geldi", "gibisine gelmiş" here and there.
  5. Yes, I agree. More oral usage.

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