ginormous joins the dictionary


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I think I first recall hearing the word ginormous in the movie Elf, and I thought it was very cute and clever melding of gigantic + enormous. Now that it's been officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it's lost some luster for me. It still sounds very whimsical, and I don't want to see it routinely showing up serious contexts in, say, the New York Times. ;)


P.S. Ginormous shows up in only 8 WRF posts.
  • I remember hearing this combination at least as early as highschool, so for me that's going back to 1996. I had friends who would use it sporadically in college, mostly females. In my opinion, it's been a word I've usually associated with younger kids, like "gazillion" or "bajillion" to describe an unspecified, but very large quantity; or "teenie" as a variant of tiny.