giro adversativo


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How would this be translated in English? It describes the use of a phrase such as "however" or "but" which takes an argument in a different direction.
An example sentence that I have just come across is:

"...El giro adversativo aparece al comienzo de la tercera estrofa:
“But such a place cannot contain itself”"

Does this have a specific equivalent in English? I was thinking along the lines of "adversative shift".

Many thanks!
  • supremeclassic

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    Sorry no, I should have been clearer: the quotation comes from a commentary on a poetry anthology. The sentence in English is a line from the poem; the preceding line is part of the commentary.

    My attempt at a translation so far would be something like: "The adversative shift comes at the beginning of the third stanza: "But such a place cannot contain itself"".
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