git'er done

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Dressed in a black jacket and jeans, the only statement Mitchell made came from one of his favorite comedians, Larry the Cable Guy. "Git'er done!" Michell cried into the microphone.

Another expression of Greek to me--Git'er done! I'll appreciate your comments.
  • Old Novice

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    USA, English
    It's dialect for "get her done," meaning "do it!" or "let's do it!". The use of "her" for "it" in describing a task to be accomplished is something done in AE from time to time, and I haven't been able to think of a good explanation why or of a rule to say when it would or would not be used.

    John Mirra

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    Well, it's very colloquial, as it's the "catchphrase" of a Southern comedian (Larry the Cable Guy, that is) who speaks a heavy, overblown Southern dialect.

    In short, it simply means "do it", though it's technically a modified form of "get it done", to my understand.
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