give him a hug from me

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  1. xxsuziexx87 Member

    ho do you say this in spanish?my grammar is awful! thank you besos
  2. Tampiqueña

    Tampiqueña Senior Member

    Tampico, Tamaulipas
    Español - México
    "Dale un abrazo por mí" o "Dale un abrazo de mi parte"
  3. profe105 Senior Member

    English, United States
    Welcome to the forum, Susie! Don't worry if your grammar is awful. However, in the future, when you post a translation request, please include your own attempt. That way, you'll learn a little. No one will make fun of you!

    Also, please remember to write using standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation conventions. We need to model standard writing for those who are second language learners.

    Take a glance at the forum rules when you get the chance! :)
  4. Soledad Medina Senior Member

    Estados Unidos
    Cuba, Espanol
    Dale un abrazo de mi parte.


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