Give it a sample.

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Hello everyone. I would like to know what "Give it a sample." means in the following sentences:

‘Johnno,’ Will says, ‘I was saying I reckon it’s time to get your whisky out. Give it a sample.’ He jumps up from the table, and goes and gets one of the bottles.

- Lucy Foley, The Guest List, Chapter 15

This is a thriller novel published in 2020 in the United Kingdom. One hundred and fifty guests gathered at some remote and deserted fictional islet called Inis an Amplóra off the coast of the island of Ireland to celebrate the wedding between Jules (a self-made woman running an online magazine called The Download) and Will (a celebrity appearing in a TV show program called Survive the Night). The day before the actual wedding day, at the rehearsal dinner, Will, during the conversation, says to Johnno, Will's high school friend and the best man, about tasting the whiskey that Johnno himself developed.

In this part, I am wondering about the structure of "Give it a sample."
Is it connected to "I reckon it's time to", and does the full sentence go like this: "[I reckon it's time to] give it a sample"?
Or, is it just a separate sentence from the previous one, and does it mean just like this: "[Let's] give it a sample"?

I guess I am finding it difficult to understand because some sentence components are omitted here... :(

I would very much appreciate your help. :)
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    Dear JulianStuart,

    Thank you very much for the explanation.
    So it means "let's do this", while in terms of the format, what is omitted before the underlined sentence is "it's time to."
    I truly appreciate your help. :)