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    Dear all,

    Would someone like telling me what does this sentence mean: ' I didn't give it two thoughts.' (from The borrowers avanged, Arrietty talk about her father's tools were saved by Spiller, her mum asked her ,'are you sure what Spiller said?')
    does it mean:' I am sure. '? what the 'two thoughts' exectly mean?


    Little black bean
  2. suzi br

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    I am not entirely sure that you have transcribed this accurately, but in general this sounds like a dismissal, the speaker is saying she did not pay much attention, or did not realise there might be a problem.
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    thank you
    suzi bar and Biffo

    Sorry that I didn't make my question very clear.

    let me try to put more details.

    The parents thought they lost the tools, the only thing which they can rely on. So when Arriety, their daughter,told them that Spiller, a little boy, who rescured daddy's tools, and said:"Look out what your're doing! Them's your father's tools!" the mum don't believed it at first time and keep asking Arriety:" You're sure he said 'tools'?" Arriety said:" That's what it sounded like. I didn't give it two thoughts. Not with the bag nearly falling into the water..." she went on,"Yes, that was the word he shouted."


    Little black bean
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    I think it just means that she didn't have time to think about it and/or had no reason to believe anything else.
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    It means "I didn't think twice about it," which in turn means "I didn't examine the situation closely; I didn't think about it deeply."
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    thank you Biffo and exgerman! crystal clear!

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