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    Bonjour :)

    I was wondering if there is a French equivalent for the idiomatic phrase stated in the title. It would be used like: "Nice to see you, give my regards to your family," or something along those lines. I looked at a few other threads that contained similar questions, but no one really provided an idiomatic answer, they were simply literal translations.

    An idiomatic expression would be appreciated, merci! :)
  2. wildan1

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    Présentez mes hommages à votre famille (formal)

    Bien le bonjour à ta famille (casual)
  3. SwissPete

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    « Meilleures salutations à ta / votre famille » might do the trick.
  4. Lezert

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    Et aussi:
    Donne le bonjour à ta famille
    Ou encore
    Salue ta famille de ma part
  5. tilt

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    Welcome to the WR forums!

    Embrasse / Salue ta famille pour moi, according to the way you know the person, would work.
    Bonjour chez toi is another option, more familiar (which refers to the series The Prisonner :D).
  6. lizzie_d256 New Member

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    Thank you all very much! I appreciate your responses :)

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