"Give off" and "give out"


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Hello to everybody,
Is there any difference between give off and give out when used to say "produce something in the environment"? I have to choose from one of them in this multiple-choice question but I can't see the difference between them.

An old car might give .......... black fumes.
a. away
b. into
c. off
d. out
e. up

Thanks in advance :)
  • velisarius

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    I'm not sure that I agree with Glen here. If we are being asked to make a fine distinction, I'd say that a car does "give out" or "emit" fumes through its exhaust pipe. (The fumes emerge with some force.)

    A smouldering bonfire or a hazardous substance may give off noxious fumes. (The fumes are not propelled or channelled out, and they will slowly disperse from off the whole surface of the object.)

    suzi br

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    I agree with both posters. My first thought was give off as the collocation for "give" in relation to gases.
    But Velisarius makes a good point about the option to use "out" here.

    I guess I'd prefer "emit" in real life because "give out" is a phrase I associate with dispensing items like this : Santa gave out the gifts.
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