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Hello everybody,

A woman and a man are trying to sort things out in their couple. One of them is complaining about his efforts to put back the romance between them. Finally, the other one says :
- "You shouldn't be the only one carrying the ball. What if you did a give-off to me ?"
And the other answers :
- "A hand-off !"

I can't find how I could translate these two words in French. Actually, I even don't really understand what's the difference between "give-off" and "hand-off"...

Could somebody help me please ?
Thank you in advance !
  • Dogfever

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    Is this BE or AE?

    In BE a hand-off is a rugby term where the player pushes the tackler away with their hand. "Give-off" as a noun means nothing in BE that I am familiar with. It seems to be used here to mean a pass as in to pass the ball​.

    Just to expand. What I have written is largely determined from the context rather than the actual words as written because as-is that passage of text doesn't make a lot of sense in BE.


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    It's AE and I guess that "give-off" has been made up here for the play of words and I just get it !
    The first one is saying it wrong and say give-off instead of hand-off, the other one corrects it.
    This is connected with the sentence before "carrying the ball"...

    Thank you Dogfever, your note about the rugby term helped me a lot !
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