Give over! (to express disagreement)

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Hi there,

I see Milly Johnson (Here Come the Girls) likes to use "Give over!" in dialogues. I learned it's used to express vehement disagreement: I suggested her salary might be £100,000. ‘Give over!’ (Oxford dictionary online)

Here's in the book:
'Do you think she's got another bloke?' Kevin called to his cousin.
'Olive? Give over!' said David. 'When does she have time?'

Is "Give over!" used like this in the US at all?

Thank you!
  • wandle

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    'Give over' literally means 'stop'. So the speaker is saying 'Stop it!'.
    Somehow, I doubt if this is used in the US. To me, it sounds a classic piece of cockney slang.


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    give over (British English, spoken, informal) used to tell somebody to stop doing something
    Give over! I can't work with you shouting like that.


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    Another AE who has never heard it other than from a BE source.

    In the post #1 example, it does seem to mean "stop" as in "stop [telling me ridiculous things]".


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    There are two (at least) possible contexts for this expression.

    1. Someone is going on and on and on about something ... perhaps it's a child wanting ice cream.
    "Give over!" in that context means stop it.

    2. Someone says something that you find completely unbelievable.
    "Give over!" in that context means "I find it very difficult indeed to believe what you have just said."
    That is the meaning I think is relevant in the post #1 examples, and the meaning Susanna is asking about.
    The two meanings are set out in the definition she referred to. Here is the full definition.
    British informal
    stop doing something: ‘Give over, will you!’ she shouted
    used to express vehement disagreement: I suggested her salary might be £100,000. ‘Give over!’


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    Thank you all. Thank you panj for clarifying the meaning for me and other learners. So it's not just stopping someone like that child or because you disagree with them, it's finding something to be unbelievable. Many thanks!
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