1. danielella Senior Member

    Hi, I need your kind help with the translation of this sentence:

    From today our website speaks Spanish and French too and gives the welcome to all the “amantes” and the “amoureux” of coffee all over the world.

    My (poor) attempt:

    Dès aujourd'hui, notre site Web parle espagnol et français aussi et souhaite la bienvenue à tous les "amantes" et les "amoureux" du café à travers le monde.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Souxie

    Souxie Senior Member

    South of France
    French - France
    Bonjour Daniela,
    Les amant(e)s ne s'utilise pas dans ce contexte, par contre les amoureux de quelque chose est très fréquent. Ta traduction est très bonne!
  3. danielella Senior Member

    Merci Souxie!

    Actually "amantes" is the spanish word for "amoureux" and so is relevant for the context. The website is Italian and it just added these two languages too. So do you think the word "aussi" is uncorrect? You're help was precious! Thanks.

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