Give this man a cigar!

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  1. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    I will appreciate if someone could explain the exact nuance of this phrase to me.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. bibliolept

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    It means that the person did something right or was correct and deserves a prize or reward, such as a cigar; think of a game at a carnival, where one can win prizes.. It's a figure of speech.
  3. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    Thank you very much. :)
  4. ewie

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    In the UK, Duda, cigars were traditionally given to men who had just become fathers, to congratulate them on their 'achievement' of giving birth!!!
  5. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    Yes, I saw it, in cartoons mostly. :) I guess it can be translated with another idiom/phrase meaning "Congratulations" or something similar? Because we don't have any custom of that kind, but for example, we have the phrase "all the honour (to smb.)!" - meaning that all the congratulations go to that person, that he/she deserves to be praised.
  6. GreenWhiteBlue

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    This might be said when someone guesses an answer correctly, with the idea being that one should be rewarded for the correct guess with a small prize. Meanwhile, an incorrect guess that was almost correct might produce the comment "Close, but no cigar!"

    Pease note that "smb" is not an abbreviation used by native English speakers. If you want your statement to be understood by English speakers, it is necessary that you write out the full word "'somebody".
  7. bibliolept

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    Also, isn't the usual custom for the new father to hand out cigars to others?
  8. Can one speak Give this man a cigar! to a girl? or should it be Give this girl a cigar! sounds strange?
  9. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member

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    Since the expression is humorous and good-natured, and not serious (no one would expect anyone to be handed a real cigar!), "Give this girl a cigar!" would be fine, and indeed more humorous than "give this man a cigar."
  10. subtitler Senior Member


    In a film about war photographers, two men are discussing in an office about a photographer who is supposed to be dead in a war zone but whose wife has gone looking for him. The other one says "Sarah's looking for him", the other one says, "Great, give that man a cigar!" The men laugh. What does that mean exactly? Thanks again!
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    Thanks. :)
  13. una madre Senior Member

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    "Give (this) that man a cigar."

    The phrase is used as a sarcastic retort.

    For example: if someone in a group proposes a solution to a problem and this solution is obvious and has been previously expressed and discussed, the others in the group might turn to the speaker and say: "give that man a cigar!"

    It is definitely an old-fashioned saying.

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