give to me or give yourself to me

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    Hi all

    In the song "I'm kissing you" by Romeo and Juliet, she says "give to me forever" and I understand that means entrégate a mí para siempre. Obviously it has a romantic context, but I've also seen the sentence "give yourself to me", so I wonder which of both is more common. I was said that native English speakers hardly say "give yourself to me". how [so] true is that?

    Thank in advance!
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    'Give to me forever' does not mean 'entrégate a mí'.
    I think the meaning is 'Dame la eternidad'. ('Give forever to me'.)
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    Not considering that it's a song, and in songs everything is allowed:
    How correct would that be?

    I can think of "give me that" or "give that to me", but "give to me that" sounds odd to me to say the least.
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    I agree with Bevj's comment (post #2).

    Also, "give yourself to me" is not said -- at least that I have ever heard -- nowadays anyway. But if a woman ever said, "I am going to give myself to you," to me -- well, I think my head would just about explode!
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    I also agree with Bevj.

    If a woman gives herself to a man it means sexually.

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