give up a sedentary life

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Case: People who want to give up a sedentary life and go travelling.

Can the word "sedentary" mean that people are living an ordinary, routine life, or is it only about from the medical perspective,as you are not exercising enough and etc?
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    My first reaction is that sedentary refers to a lifestyle without much exercise rather than one without much travel. I notice from Google a number of references to travelling people (e.g. gypsies) using sedentary to refer to non-travelling communities, but that is a specialised context.


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    "Sedentary" is not a medical term. From the WR dictionary (did you look it up?):

    sedentary: having or showing inactivity or lack of exercise

    You can access the dictionary by entering a word or phrase in the search box at the top of the page. There are also many other English-language dictionaries online; enter the word in Google to find them.
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