give up on/over/for


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Are there substantial differences in the forms below?
a)give up (something) FOR something else,
b)give up (something) OVER something else
c) give up on (something)

I `d appreciate one or two examples on how give up + prep

  • Vaskez

    Hungarian, English (UK)
    a) means to sacrifice one thing for another OR for someone else's sake. E.g of first case: I gave up badminton for football (stopped playing the first to make time for something else). But more commonly used as case 2: I gave up smoking for my girlfriend's sake, because she doesn't smoke.

    b) means to give up something as opposed to something else. E.g. I had to choose between giving up smoking and drinking, so I gave up smoking over drinking, as the latter is less smelly.

    c) means to (after some time) stop hoping for something to happen. I waited for years for my old friend to apologise to me, but he didn't so I eventually gave up on him.

    OR: I know I have made many mistakes, but please don't give up on me (keep believing that I will be better)

    so actually, yeah, there are substantial differences in the meanings

    Adam Cruge

    India & Bengali
    Is there any other preposition that can be used in this way?
    By the way thank you for sharing nice information...