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je souhaiterais une aide pour traduire cettre phrase:
I will never give up on you.
Le contexte, c'est une personne qui aime une autre, mais l'autre personne ne veut plus s'engager dans une relation. La première dit I will never give up on you.
Je ne sais pas si la personne veut dire qu'elle continuera simplement de toujours espérer ou si c'est plus fort et qu'elle dit qu'elle ne renoncera jamais à cette personne?
Quelle serait le sens le plus proche:
  • Je ne renoncerai jamais à toi.
  • Je ne laisserai jamais tomber avec toi
  • Je n'abandonnerai jamais (avec toi)
  • Je continuerai toujours d'espérer?
Ou autre chose?

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    One needs a bit more context to really know what is meant by 'I will never give up on you' in this situation.
    It could be, 'I will always love you' - as in, I will always believe in you.
    Depending on how much person one is clinging to the relationship, it could also mean,
    'I will always love you' as in, 'I will always be here waiting for you' or even 'I will always fight for you to come back to me'.

    Hope this helps - hope you can understand my English! Mon francais ecrit n'est pas terrible et je n'ai pas d'accents, ce qui casse les regles de ce forum..


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    How would you say 'i will never give up on you' in the context of 'I will always fight for you to come back to me'

    abandonner, seems to mean more 'leaving' someone rather than giving up on them.

    Please help :) !


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    Renoncer à quelqu'un?
    Jamais je ne renoncerai à toi. Je serai toujours là pour toi.
    Cela ne rend pas tout à fait ce qu'implique la phrase anglaise .


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    Mais, est-ce que c'est la meme si on dit 'tu me reconces?'

    would that be the correct translation for: 'are you giving up on me?' in the context that the person asking the question wants to know if the other person has stopped caring, and no longer wants to try to make the relationship work.?

    Would that be correct or is there something better?
    Thank you


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    Looking at what meaning you're giving 'never give up on you', I'd suggest:

    Je ne cesserai jamais mes efforts.


    Je n'abandonerai jamais mon espoir.

    I'm no native French speaker and I'm sure this could be corrected / improved on, but I think something along these lines could work.
    In your context, I would say : "Je ne renoncerai jamais à toi."

    In another context, a mother is waiting for her daughter in a restaurant. The daughter used to accuse her mother to tare care more of her friend than of her. The mother invited her daughter to diner to have a truce. The daughter comes in.

    Daughter : Sorry I'm late.

    Mother : I didn't give up on you, you know.

    Should I say : Je n'ai jamais pensé que tu me laisserais tomber. ?
    Je ne t'ai jamais délaissée ?
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    J'ai la même expression que je cherche à traduire mais dans un contexte différent.
    (C'est une chanson de Ben Harper).
    And I don't even know myself,
    What it would take to know myself
    I need to change, I don't know how
    Don't give up on me now
    Dans ce contexte, l'expression "don't give up on me now" signifie "ne me laisse pas tomber", vrai ?

    Merci / Thanks
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