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Bonjour à tous !

I'm wondering how to say "I give up ON ____" in French. For example, you can give up on a thing ("This diet isn't working out, I give up on it") or a person ("You never listen to me -- I give up on you!"). It's not just "j'en ai marre" or "je n'en peux plus" or simply "j'abandonne" ... how can I say "I give up on you?" Something like "je ne peux plus avec toi?" I really have no idea...

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    I give up on math - je laisse tomber les maths. Je n'en peux plus des maths would be I'm fed up with math or I've had it with math.


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    Other possibility

    Je fais une croix sur les maths

    For a person, your question is difficult, because you have to be careful to not hurt the person, and I don't really know if "I give up on you" is really harsh or it can be used as in a joke. In your example, maybe

    Tu ne m'écoutes jamais... Eh bien c'est fini, je ne t'expliquerai plus!

    I think that if you say "je renonce à toi", it is more in a love context, and you say to the person you give up trying to seduce. You don't believe anymore that you are able to be a couple with her. "Je fais une croix sur toi" is similar, stronger in the sense that you want to completely forget the person. "Je t'abandonne" is cruel...

    "Je n'en peux plus avec toi" means that you are fed up with the person, but if you are patient, you may continue. For example you could say

    Tu ne m'écoute jamais... Oh, je n'en peux plus !
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