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  1. pejupa Member

    Hi there,

    Is the following sentence correct?: "the best person to give us advice is ourselves"
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  2. srb62 Senior Member

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    I'm not sure if it's 'wrong' as such, but it does sound a little unusual - perhaps because a person either gives or asks for/gets advice, but not both? I don't know.
    I'd probably say something like:
    "The best advice is your own" or "The best person to ask for advice (from) is yourself" or "The best person to get advice from is yourself"
  3. pejupa Member

    Thank you very much srb62
  4. sound shift

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    The sentence is correct grammatically, but there is also a question of logic: Can a person be said to give himself/herself advice? Perhaps this is leaning too far towards the philosophical and therefore outside the scope of this forum.
  5. pejupa Member

    I know what you mean. I just wondered whether I could use a subject "person" and then "ourselves", as there is no subject-object agreement.
  6. srb62 Senior Member

    British English
    Right. I guess it should be 'our self' to make it agree.
    I had a quick look at this, though, and it seems a controversial topic of grammar (ourselves/our self)

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