give you a report once I had completed my preliminary


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Hi there!
I have a problem with "preliminary" here.

The cop is apologizing for having been rude to the Mayor when the latter asked for information.
The cop says: "It was my full intention to give you a report once I had completed my preliminary."

"Era mia assoluta intenzione consegnarle/farle un rapporto non appena avessi completato i preliminari?"

What is "preliminary" here?
The cop has studied the crime scene, secured it, and interviewed the witnesses.
Is preliminary un'indagine preliminare?
Or "un rapporto preliminare?"

Thank you very much.
  • raffavita

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    Hi Elisabetta.
    Quindi, un poliziotto fa un'indagine preliminare quando va sulla scena del crimine, giusto?
    Dunque va bene tradurre "Le avrei consegnato un rapporto/verbale non appena avessi completato la mia indagine preliminare?"
    I'm not sure whether "to give a report" implies a verbal or written exposition.
    Grazie mille.


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    Hi Raffa,

    I agree with Elisabetta. It sounds like a preliminary investigation (which would be maybe a collection of evidence, a recording of facts, statements from witnesses). This would then go in a coherent written report. But I am only basing this on the crime shows and movies I have watched!



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    I'm not sure whether "to give a report" implies a verbal or written exposition.
    Hi. The report could be verbal or written; I don't think there is any way of knowing from this piece of text. My guess would be verbal.

    With regards to the meaning of preliminary, I agree with the others.


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    Hi Karl!!!
    The reason why I asked is that in Italian we would use a different verb according to the meaning of it.

    "Comunicarle un verbale."
    "Darle un verbale."

    If the meaning is the second as you suggest and is also confrmed by the oral exposition of the facts by the cop, I wonder how to translate it.

    "Era mia intenzione farle rapporto"?
    Nativi, come suona?
    Thank you Karl!!! Thank you everybody!!!


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    Ciao tutti,

    E' una frase semplice ma per dire "to report" é corretto usare "riportare a"? Non mi suona corretto.

    "The new branch will continue reporting to the head office"

    Posso dire "il nuovo filiale continuera' a riportare alla sede"???

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