" Give your best effort( to it)."


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I have heard the phrase " Give it your best shot". I know that it means to give one's best try or effort.
However I am not sure if I could say this phrase a bit differently like.

" Give your best effort( to it)."
" try to give your best effort / give it your all/ try to do your best"

I would like to know if I could speak those lines or not?
  • PaulQ

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    "Give it your best shot." :tick: <- notice where the "it" is in the sentence.
    "Give your best effort (to it)." :cross: -> Why did you move the "it"? :confused:
    "Give it your best effort." -> This is possible, it is certainly understandable and does not sound too bad, but it is not common. Effort = the energy that you put into something, but it can also mean an attempt; shot is the actual doing of the action.
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