Given enough rope to hang myself

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    Is there a French expression that would mean the same thing as the expression 'Given enough rope to hang myself'. It means that somebody gives another person enough freedom or flexibility to get that person into trouble. You can also give yourself enough rope to hang yourself. It's often used in the context where a boss gives an employee freedom to manage a job by themselves, but that can cause problems if the employee gets something wrong.
  2. dicomec Senior Member

    « Je me laisserai casser la figure » "I hope I don't have enough rope to hang myself."= « J'espère que je ne vais pas me laisser casser la figure. »
    Something like that?
  3. ElaineL New Member

    Dans le langage parlé en tous cas, on utilise la même expression qu'en anglais : il a assez de corde pour se pendre lui-même.

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