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  1. jwazevedo New Member

    Context: This is an older birth certificate. The presumption is that the birth report might not include the name of the child, which might be given some days later, by filing a supplemental report. So, the is a space on the form for:

    "Given name added from a supplemental report"

    The Registrar would look at this report and pull out the birth certificate and add the name in this space.

    I have translated this as:

    "Nome aggiunto per un rapporto supplementare"

    But I don't think that this translation conveys the sense that the name comes *from* the supplemental report. Can you help with a better translation? Grazie,
  2. jeffc418 Senior Member

    Ciao! Non spero che "rapporto" vuol dire "report", direi "resoconto" ;)
  3. jwazevedo New Member

    Oops! Yes, I can see now how "rapporto" would not be the right word (even though there was a birth involved ;) ). Grazie, Jeff.

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