given that [because; supposing]


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Can I have a dictionary-like definition of this expression?
How many meanings has it?
Is it:
1 =because of : Given that in the Middle East there are a lot of problems I'm not going there
2= supposing that: Given that there were a nuclear explosion, what would happen then?


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    I think the closest synonym would be "since" for your first sentence. It doesn't necessarily suggest consequence like "because of". Yes, supposing that is fine for the second.


    I would wrap up its 'various' meanings into one - "on the understanding that". This covers the real fact referred to in 1 and the imaginary one referred to in 2.


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    The quick definition offered for given at OneLook is:

    acknowledged as a supposition​

    (Example: "Given the engine's condition, it is a wonder that it started")​
    But that's not a sufficient definition because it does not cover the other meaning - "taking into account the fact that." In fact, the very example given contradicts the definition it is meant to support!
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