given that , provided that ,on condition that ?

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    ____they are inexperienced , they have done a good job .
    A On condition that B provided that C given that

    They are all used to introduce condition , Does " provided that " equal to " if "? Then it can't be the right one . how to difer the other two ?

    Please explain !
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    "On condition that" and "provided that" both mean that a certain restriction is in place.

    You may go out tonight on condition that you are back by nine o'clock!

    On the other hand, "given that" means that you are judging one thing while taking into consideration something else.

    Given that there are over 20 students in the class, and only one teacher, I think they have done a marvelous job!

    Given that we had so many places to stop on the way, we made pretty good time on our trip!
  3. elyssia Senior Member

    quite clear and deep explaination ! Thanks !
  4. timpeac

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    Yes, this is more a question of the sense of the words, rather than a grammatical reason why one can't be used. Grammatically any could go there, but C is the only one that makes a sensible phrase:)
  5. elyssia Senior Member

    ok ,see! "the sense of the words"is what I value most in asking these, for natives ,seem silly questions !
    Thanks for all your patience !


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