giving up commonly held assumptions

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Could you please tell me what the underlined part means? It doesn't make sense to me. There is no text that i can put here, it is just an answer of a question.

Understanding the exceptional increase in population in china requires giving up commonly held assumptions relative to the phenomenon of population growth.

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    In order to understand the increase, you need to abandon the assumptions about population growth that many people hold.


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    People have assumptions about population growth: they assume certain things are true, but they do not have research or facts that would support these assumptions.

    Some of these assumptions are commonly-held: they are assumptions that many people everywhere hold, or believe.

    However, just because the assumptions are common and popular does not mean that they are correct or helpful. In order to understand population growth in China, you must give up these popular, commonly-held assumptions -- that is, you must abandon them, not think about them, not rely on themas a way of understanding the issue.

    Does that help?
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