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Albert Kyarunts

Hello, friends.
Please, help me with a good saying, that I could use in the gym. The one that would mean "giving up". Informal, of course.
Thank you!
  • Albert Kyarunts

    Why would you go to the gym if you're "giving up workouts"?

    Only a sentence will make clear what you want to say. :)
    I was just wondering, if there are any of sayings that would mean "giving up" or somewhat around this meaning. If there is something like "don't give up on your workouts" - please, provide me with that as well. That would be much helpful:)

    Please give us the sentence in which you would use the word or phrase.
    Let's try to play the situation, when I'm trying to persuade my GF to not give up on workouts.
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    By GF do you mean girlfriend?

    You could say Try not to lose faith in workouts (for give up on).
    Alternatively, You should persevere with workouts. You'll see an improvement sooner or later.
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