gizmos and <bleep-bloops>

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In the animation ''Escape From Planet Earth'' a creature from another planet is going to travel to the planet ''Earth''. Reporters are asking him questions, then he introduces his brother to them and says:

''Gary works all the gizmos and bleep-boops here in the nerd factory.

What does he mean by ''bleep-bloops''?
  • Myridon

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    Gizmos, thingies, thing-a-ma-bobs, doo-hickeys, and particularly ones that make a bleep-bloop sort of noise. ;)


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    It's not a standard expression, but I think it's just a reference to the noises - the "bleeps" and "bloops" - that the various pieces of computerized equipment make.

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    No they are objects that make sounds like "bleep" and "bloop". This a classic example of onomatopeia, which you can google for the definition.
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