glad at/about your passing the test

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Sample sentence:
I'm glad ___ your passing the test.
A. at
B. about
C. A or B

My friend told Me that the answer is B but I thought it should be C.

[1] Which one would you choose?
[2] Is the sentence idiomatic?

Thanks if you would help : )
  • Severine_Aurelia

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    English - Canadian
    I would be most likely to say, "I'm glad (that) you passed the test," personally.

    "I'm happy about..." is a common usage, but typically we use "glad" either in the construction "I'd be glad to [verb]" or "I'm glad that [something happened]." "I'm glad at..." sounds 100% incorrect to me, and "I'm glad about..." sounds a bit awkward perhaps, but not incorrect. So, if I had to choose between the options you gave, I would choose B.

    This may be a regional issue, however. What sounds slightly awkward to me as a Canadian who lives in the United States may sound more natural to someone in the UK for example.


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    USA, English
    I would say, "I am glad you passed the test." (It must have been a very easy test. :D)
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