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  1. Irene Shin Member

    I got an email from an Mexican friend who has not sent me an email for a long time. I want to tell her that I'm glad to hear from her. Is it okay to say that "me alegra escuchar de tí."? Thanks!!
  2. JKL2008

    JKL2008 Senior Member

    Spain, spanish
    Mejor oír que escuchar: "Me alegra oír de tí"
    Pero se suele decir más: "Me alegra saber de tí"
  3. Irene Shin Member

    Thanks JKL. One more question, then. I wonder if "Me alegra saber de ti" is used when you haven't known the person before. I mean, isn't it more about meeting a person for the first time?
  4. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    No, Irene...and "saber" doesn't refer to "knowing" a person. That would be "conocer."
    Both JKL's suggestions are appropriate.

  5. JKL2008

    JKL2008 Senior Member

    Spain, spanish
    It is used when you know the other person before.
    If you just meet this person, is better:
    "Me alegro de conocerte"
    "Encantado de conocerte"

    It's just an idiom, here "encantado" is not related with witches! ;-)
  6. Irene Shin Member

    Thanks Stretch and JKL!
  7. DamiPunk!

    DamiPunk! Member

    Quilmes, Buenos Aires
  8. nangueyra Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Hello Irene Shin. Just a comment. "I got an email from a Mexican friend". An is used if the next word begins with a vowel sound. For example: "I got an email from an Argentine friend".
  9. jprozas New Member

    Spanish Español- España
    "Me alegra oírte" is more natural than "Me alegra oír de ti".
    But if you want than he write you, I say "Me alegraría (subjuntivo) saber de ti..." and because "...porque no tengo noticias tuyas desde hace 1000 años" or " sé nada de ti desde..." Remember: double negation "no....nada"

    I hope helped you.
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