glamour vs. glamorous - glamor vs. glamorous


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I got the examples of the usage of 'glamour' from my dictionary as below.

a glamour job; a glamour stock; a glamour girl

I wonder whether I can replace glamour with adjective - glamourous for them. a glamourous girl/stock/job.

When I want to modify a noun, which word of them should I choose.

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    I can't think of when "glamour job" would be correct--it sounds odd to me.

    "Glamour girl" and "glamour stock" are both fairly specific terms. For the vast majority of nouns I would use "glamorous."
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    The heading suggests you are concerned about spelling too. In this case, there is actually agreement between BrE and AmE: glamour (NOT glamor) and glamorous (NOT glamourous). (Cf. BrE humour, humorous; odour v. odorous).

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