glasses wedged into a cramped bar room corner begins as they all do

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508: Superpowers - This American Life

John Hodgman
This is all part of what I call the five stages of choosing your superpower. Sometimes, this process occurs in just moments. For example, subject A, a tallish man with glasses wedged into a cramped bar room corner begins as they all do, with stage 1-- gut reaction.
Initially, I would think perhaps invisibility.

context: What do you want to have for superpowers between invisible and flying ability.
Q: I cannot imagine what that phase mean here. Thanks in advance!
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    The glasses are not wedged into a corner, the man is. But other than that, it doesn't make much sense to me either! Why is he in a bar? Why is that a good (or bad) place to choose a superpower?


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    "With" could be replaced by "wearing" and that might make it clear to you. Adding "was" might make it clearer to you also.

    a tallish man with wearing glasses was wedged into a cramped bar room corner [ . . . ]

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