glassware, silverware, and placement

Discussion in 'English Only' started by stargazer, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. stargazer

    stargazer Senior Member

    Slovenia, Slovenian
    Hello, everyone!

    I've got a bit of a problem with the following sentence:

    "By the time the reservations had been sorted, it was nearly noon, and the waiting staff took their places around the dining room to await the first guests and make final checks of glassware, silverware, and placement."

    The problem is actually the last word: placement. The way I see it, it could mean two things: a seating plan for the dinner guests (it is possible because it takes place in a fancy restaurant where reservations are made three months in advance), or the way glassware and silverware were arranged on the tables.

    Any ideas? Thanks! :)
  2. whatonearth Senior Member

    UK, English
    I'd say the way the glassware/silverware is arranged on the table. Hope that helps!
  3. Ratona Senior Member

    UK - Eng
    I would say that it has this second meaning you suggested.
  4. Kmanx Member

    Mexico / Spanish
    same as above
  5. stargazer

    stargazer Senior Member

    Slovenia, Slovenian
    THANKS, whatonearth, Ratona, and Kmanx! :)
    It DOES help, whatonearth! :)
    I'm glad there's always someone who helps me out with those wonderful ambiguous expressions.
  6. James Stephens Senior Member

    Oklahoma, USA
    English, USA
    It is interesting to note in passing (at least to me) that fancy restaurants are probably using silver plate, also called hotel plate, not sterling. They may even be using a high quality stainless flatware in a traditional silver pattern. Silverware has overtaken the more generic flatware. My personal preference is to use flatware unless it is sterling. For me it is the equivalent of calling glassware crystal, which they didn't.

    I agree that they were checking the placement of the flatware.
  7. stargazer

    stargazer Senior Member

    Slovenia, Slovenian
    Thanks! :)
  8. kammy popov New Member

    hi there
    its my first day using WordReference,
    acctually i need help regarding the proper glassware, silverware, and placement.
    the distance between plate , cutlery and glasses, angles.
    hope you people can help me,
  9. JamesM

    JamesM à la Mod (English Only)

    Welcome to the forum, Kammy. Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of this forum. This forum is for discussing the definition and usage of words and phrases in English. I suggest you Google "correct placement of silverware". I'm sure you'll find many sites that will assist you.

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