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Tiffany’s relatively affordable range would complement, not cannibalise the Bulgari business. Also, Tiffany is a big US employer, which might help LVMH’s efforts to keep its handbags and cognac off President Donald Trump’s tariff list. Tiffany, struggling to turn its fortunes around, would benefit from LVMH’s global clout.

Tiffany in vogue amid possible luxury shake-out (You might not have access to the article)

What is the difference between “clout” and “influence”? Is “influence” also possible here?


power and influence over other people or events:

CLOUT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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    I don't think clout is slang in AE and I consider it a better choice in this context. Influence is getting people to act how you want them to. Clout is more about power. In this case, LVMH has power (i.e. a large volume of sales) around the world. LVMH's sales and number of employees were ten times that of Tiffany in 2018.

    LVMH - $46 billion - 145,000 workers
    Tiffany - $4 billion - 14,000 workers
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