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  1. gwencpt Member

    South Africa
    Hi all,

    I'm stuck with one of these typical EN expressions that, to my knowledge, hasn't entered the FR sphere yet...

    How would you translate 'Global North' and 'Global South'?

    Le village du Nord/Sud?
    Or plainly les pays développés/ en voie de développement?

    Here is some context:
    the scholarship and expertise of the Network will be used by countries or institutions that would benefit from peers from different regions of Africa, rather than having to turn to expertise from democracies in the global North.

  2. l_Léna_l Senior Member

    I would just say: 'les pays du Nord'
  3. sofff

    sofff Senior Member


    or even simplier : Le Nord / Le Sud
  4. gwencpt Member

    South Africa
    Thanks for your input!

    The issue with Global North/South is that it reflects more than merely geographical terms... beyond the fact that Australia is in the Global North but not North, the concepts also call on a certain approach to policy and to democracy... These new terms reflect a willingness of the Global South to detach themselves from, at times, the ideological imperialism of the Global North...

    But I'll just use Nord/Sud if nothing else comes up...

    Thanks again!
  5. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    In fact it has...
    The French university of Paris IIImentions le Nord planétaire / le Sud planétaire, and I would suggest to retain this phrase because there is more to the global North than merely Northern countries as you will see in the link provided.
  6. gwencpt Member

    South Africa
    Thanks Moon Palace, this is great!
  7. ciriz New Member

    As of August 2011, global South and global North = sud planétaire et nord planétaire, it seems.

    Christine / ciriz

  8. gwencpt Member

    South Africa
    Thanks for all your suggestions!

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