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Uruguay, spanish
Please, help me out with this.

I need to translate the following to Spanish:

For the month of February, global stock indices rallied to finish the month up. Conversely, global bond prices fell strongly as stong economic data suggested rising interest rates were due in the near future. Currency markets continued their long-term trend as the US dollar was hit again, falling against most major currencies except for the Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen. In the energy sector, Crude, Heating Oil and Natual Gas contracts all rallied due to rare public remarks from the Saudi Arabian oil minister from OPEC and a tight supply picture. In metal markets, Gold and Silver continued to trade almost pare passu with the Euro causing metal prices to rise for the month. Live Cattle showed a modest decline in price while there was no clear trend in the Lean Hog market. The real stories for the month were the agricultural and soft commodity markets. Coffee prices reached a 2-year high almost doubling in the past 8 months. Cocoa, Cotton, Soybean, Corn and Wheat contracts all showed significant strength in February, while Sugar was the only major commodity contract to show significant losses for the month.

I already did, but it would really help me to view your translations.

Thanks!! :D
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