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What does 'gloomadon-popper' mean? Thanks!

The British themselves are so fed up with listening to the gloomadon-poppers of the BBC that an amazing 24 per cent of the population is "seriously considering" leaving the country for a better life abroad.

Source: Telegraph. co.uk
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    I've never heard this before. Most of the hits on google seem to be quotes of the same article.

    It sounds like a humorous made up word combining 'gloom' and 'pill popper'. I think it's being used to criticize someone for being too pessimistic.

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    It's proabably a play on "Mogadon", a benzodiazepine (hypnotic-sedative) drug. "Popper" referring to pill-popping. Mogadon is well known in the UK as a drug used (or at least popularly thought to be used) to sedate patients in psychriatric wards and the word is often used jokingly. Perhaps the rather sinister and ponderous nature of the word has caught the public's imagination.

    So a gloomadon-popper is someone who pops "gloomadon" pills and is therefore the bringer of gloomy, mind-numbing, and depressing news.


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    The word cropped up again today in the Daily Telegraph under the pen of Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, no less : "When I read the wrist-slitters and the gloomadon-poppers in the Financial Times ..."