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My name is Fiz de la Peña. I am currently looking for a list of essential Latin glossaries, dictionaries and lexicons. I have the utmost respect for contemporary Latin dictionaries, but I am doing some research and I need to have an older book, as some of the words are lacking in the modern dictionaries

Until now, I have relied on the Glossarium Du Cange, an exceptional -and lengthy- document which has been digitized, typeset from scratch and uploaded to the Internet by the French government. Interestingly, as I read some of the entries, I noticed that the work is littered with allusions to other manuscripts. I am a neophyte in this field, so forgive me if I commit any mistake. There is Vocabularius Papias, there is V. Susannaeus, there is Synonimi Chimici (I'm extremely, extremely interested in this one...)

Some of these seem to have been digitized by the Bibliothèque National de France, but the quality of the scanning is so poor it makes reading the document an impossible task.

Does anyone know if any of these documents has been digitized and re-written in contemporary typography?

And, last but not least, could anyone provide me (or point me out to a already compiled list on the Internet) with a list of the most interesting, complete glossaries, dictionaries and lexicons (of course, I mean by this a very basic canon, I really do not need a 15-item list for now) from Antiquity to the Middle Ages?

Thank you so very much for your attention and patience,

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