Glossary of terms related to gardening

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Hello! I´m currently looking for a dictionary or glossary of terms from Englsih to Spanish about gardening or DIT in a garden, or Do it yourself alone. There are some specific terms mlike tools, objects, which I need to consult. Could you please recommend me one, an online one if possible, it that exists? Thanks a lot and congratulations on the page.
  • VenusEnvy

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    For help with Spanish, post in the Spanish-English forum. This is the English-Only forum.

    I also suggest that you check our "resources" page in the Spanish forum. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for there.

    While you're browsing the forum, I also suggest that you check out the rules, as well.

    Suerte. :)


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    [Puts moderator hat on...]

    Frank: I agree with VenusEnvy: you should read the rules regarding giving proper titles to your posts so that you (and other people) can find relevant threads using the Search box. Thanks.
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