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Please help me use the apt words for what happens after lighted or switched on or set fire.

When a candle is lighted, it glows (or lights or gleams).
When an electric bulb is switched on, it glows or gleams.
After the hut is set on fire, it has blazed or gleamed.
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    A "glow" is usually described as being "soft". A candle has a "soft" light - it's not large, it's not glittery or twinkly - it emits a soft light.

    The same can be said for an electric bulb although it's usually brighter than a candle. The bulb, however, has that same "soft" light that a candle does.

    In neither of these examples would I use the word "gleam". A "gleam" is often used to refer to a quick glimpse of light. For example, the sudden flash or beam of light from a car's headlights on a curve could be considered to "gleam".

    I would not use "gleam" in the context of a burning hut. The hut is "blazing".
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