"go again" and "hustle"

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Hi. This is from the film "Big Hero 6".

right after Hiro's robot (challenger) destroyed Yama's (champion) in an illegal robot fight
Yama: This is not possible!
Hiro: Hey, I'm as surprised as you are. Beginner's luck. Do you want to go again, Yama?
Yama: No one hustles Yama!

I don't really understand the meanings of the underlined sentences. Can you tell me please?
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    "Do you want to go again?" = "Do you want to go another round in the arena against me?"

    "Hustle" is when someone pretends to be less proficient at a game than they actually are and lures someone into betting a large amount of money against them, and then displays their skills during the game. It's a way of swindling money out of people.

    (In the future please ask only one question per thread and include more of the context in your thread title. Thanks!)
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