"Go ahead, make my day."


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Hi, I am writing a short story and would like one of my characters (of Dutch descent) to use this phrase or equivalent idiom in Dutch. Can anyone translate for me?

I think maybe a literal "Ga door. Maak mijn dag" works?

Thanks, Jim
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  • floortje

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    I must say that although you got the translation right it just doesn´t convey the same feeling (for me at least).

    My suggestion would be: "kom maar op. Je doet er me een plezier mee."

    But still it sounds a bit lame in comparison with the English catch phrase.



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    A direct translation would not work. The frase suggests a tough and nonchalant person (like Dirty Harry?). I think such a person would say something like "Doe dan. Laat me lachen." especially when in a tight situation. It's a short sentence and therefore sounds more tough. Or else "Ga je gang, maak me aan 't lachen" when provoking someone to do something, but in a more at-ease way.


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    I would go for the literal translation for the second part, and for the first part the suggestion by Jermaine.

    "Ga je gang, maak mijn dag goed".

    Please note that you have to add the word 'goed'. Otherwise it is nonsense.


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    Great. Thanks, I will play around with these and see what works best. Much appreciated.


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    After reading these I tried simply "Doe dan" - keeping it simple - but after thinking about the feel of the scene I have decided to go with "Kom maar op" which is a little more dramatic.

    It's not quite as cheesy as Dirty Harry but that's maybe not a bad thing : )

    I was trying to thread some humour under the menace with the Dirty Harry reference, but if it's not recognisable in Dutch then there's no point.

    As best I can figure "Kom maar op" is the equivalent of the English phrase "Bring it on".

    Thanks again.