go back, get back, come back

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  1. dgg Member

    spanish (spain)

    Can anyone show me any examples with this phrasal verbs, please?. I am confused regarding the using of those verbs. I know ones can be used in first singular person and another ones in third singular person, but at this moment i am lost.

    Thank you.
  2. boardslide315 Senior Member

    English, USA
    go back: vuelva (refiere a otro lugar..."Vuelva al lugar de donde vino")
    come back: vuelva (a mi, aqui)
    get back: es como "muevase," o "alejate" ..se gritaria "get back!" si alguien te esta acercando y no te gusta.
  3. willwood Member

    ingles/Estados Unidos
    Hay una diferencia entre las palabras "regresar" y " volver?" En ingles "go back" y "come back" son diferentes.

    Que significa la expresion "ya regreso?" Be right back?

    Gracias por su ayuda
  4. dgg Member

    spanish (spain)

    Aquí hay que diferenciar qué significa eso en español sudamericano y en español (España). Normalmente los sudamericano dicen "ya regreso" cuando los españoles queremos decir "ahora vuelvo", "ahora vengo" o "vuelvo enseguida". Por ejemplo:

    1.- (españoles) A donde vas a estas horas?. Voy a comprar unas cervezas, ahora vuevo/vuelvo enseguida/ahora vengo.
    2.- (sudamericanos) A donde vas a estas horas?. Voy a comprar unas cervezas, ya regreso.

    My english is not good, but i think earlier expressions are the same than "be right back", but what they really mean is i'll be back very quickly, i'll be back in one sec.

    Regarding "go back" and "come back" is sometime different. For example, if you are going out from your home, you can say your wife: Ahora vengo (I'm now coming). However, if you are staying in the city A and your wife in B, you can say her: Cariño, vuelvo mañana but it never vengo mañana Honey, (I'll be back in home tomorrow).

    By the way, i have a lot of doubts when i need to use go back, be back and come back. For instance, I could say: Honey, I'll come back tomorrow but never i'll go back tomorrow but though i can say: he goes back his home tomorrow. Is this so?
  5. beberia

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    Turkish, Turkey
    isn't it vete aqui! and vuelva aqui
  6. mazbook

    mazbook Senior Member

    Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
    United States/México, English
    Hola dgg:

    "He is going back to some place." = El vuelva/regresa a algún lugar.
    "He is coming back from some place." = El viene/regresa de algún lugar. También puede decir "He is coming back to some place here" = El viene/regresa a algún lugar aqui.

    También si es cara a cara(más o menos O de teléfono) con su esposa puede decir "Honey, I will (or am going to) come back tomorrow." = Cariño, volveré/regresaré (o voy a volver/regresar) mañana. Gracias por el idea, dgg.

    "Get back!" = como dice boardslide en #2 o ¡Muevale atras!

    Espero que estos ejemplos le ayudan. Discúlpeme mi español.

    Saludos desde Mazatlán
  7. willwood Member

    ingles/Estados Unidos
    "Go back" means from place A going to place B (point A to point B) where you originally came from. "Come back" means you're starting at point A, going to point B (maybe even points C, D, E...) but eventually returning (coming back) to point A, the original starting place.

    It's been a long semester in college. I can't wait to "go back" home (talking to someone else at college)

    (talking on the telephone to his Mother who is at home and hasn't seen him for several months) I can't wait until you "come back" home.

    a slight difference but definitely a difference


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