Go barbecue/barbecuing

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strange boy

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are the following sentences correct?

We're going barbecuing tomorrow.

We're going to go barbecue tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.
  • Langton's Aunt

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    British English
    I can't imagine a barbecue taking place anywhere other than 'outside'. 'At your home' includes 'in your garden'.
    I say your sentences are wrong. We do not 'go barbecuing'. If that meant anything, I would take it to mean 'going from house to house grilling a piece of meat in each one'.


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    English - England
    I agree with RM1(SS) in post #2, though purely as a matter of taste, I generally prefer 'barbecue' as a noun, and so also agree with Parla in post #4.

    It's assumed that a barbecue will be outside.

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