go cycling


Can I say go cycling to the Bay Bridge from my house? The preposition "to" is right? G
Should I use cycle to or ride a bike to? If you enjoy cycling inside the park , should I say go cycling in the park? I've heard the pharases like go fishing in the river, go shopping in the mall and go skiing in Mt.xxxx. In this case, preposition "in" is used. Can I use "to" instead of "in"?
Please help me understand.
  • Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    Most of your examples are perfectly OK. As for the question "go cycling in/to the park", both are possible but of course the meaning is different. "To go cycling in the park" = to go to the park and then to cycle around in it. "To go cycling to the park" = to take a cycle ride, which ends when you arrive at the park.
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