go down vs go into the kitchen


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I have read a sentence in a reading text: " I go down to the kitchen to boil some water."
According to this sentence, the kitchen is in the downstairs or basement.
I think it's normal to say " I go into the kitchen to boil some water." because the kitchen isn't always in the downstairs.

Is my thought right?
Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Hello, Hoan 965. The answer your text provided sounds fine if you assume that you are upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs when you say it.

    Of course, it's also normal to say "I'm going into the kitchen to boil some water." If your kitchen is on the same floor that you are when you are speaking, it wouldn't make sense to say that you are going down to the kitchen.


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    If your kitchen is downstairs or in the basement, 'I go down..' is correct.
    If you live in an apartment on one level, 'I go into...' is correct.
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