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Dictionary entry: go down

Pete Makarzur

Is there real need to write those offensive traslations? they are beyond vulgar.

You ask us "No profanity. You will be banned from using the forums." in the guidelines, but you write profanity in the traslations.

The example sentence is very vulgar and not adequate for young readers.

I would appreciate if you could remove at least the example sentence.

Thank you on advance.
  • Peterdg

    Senior Member
    Dutch - Belgium
    I'm writing on my own behalf and what I say may not be the opinion of the Wordreference dictionary owner(s).

    A dictionary describes how some term is used in a language. If some language use seems to be offensive to you, does not mean that it isn't used that way. If it is, it's the duty of a dictionary to describe this use, accompanied with the appropriate flags (vulgar, ...).