go for a (little) bit walk / go for a walk a (little) bit

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- Hey Alice let's go for a (little) bit walk.

- Hey Alice let's go for a walk a (little) bit.

I tried to create two sentences, but I could not determine where to put 'a bit'. Which one is OK according to you? To me, the second one seems OK.

  • MuttQuad

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    Neither is correct. You could say:

    Let's go for a little walk.

    Let's take a little bit of a walk.

    Let's take a bit of a walk.

    ...and probably several other formations, but not the ones you presented.


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    "a little bit" is correct. However you cannot say "a little bit walk" or even "a bit walk". This is because "bit" is a noun. You must say, "A little bit of a walk,"
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